Nov 27, 2008

Thanks, Titans Fans!!!!

Hi, folks.

So, as Didio already mentioned, I am leaving the TEEN TITANS as of issue 68. It was a great honor had to work with them for 15 months.

The characters were so different than what I could imagine. When DC invited me to work with the Titans, I thought it was the classic Titans like Starfire, Raven, Changeling, Cyborg, etc. When I read the first script, I saw that I did not know any of them other than Wonder Girl and Robin. I asked to myself who was Kid Devil, Miss Martian, Ravager, Blue Beetle... With time, I learned to know them and soon as I working on them, I felt more comfortable with them.

In time, I learned to like all of them and I can assure you that TEEN TITANS is a great book. I am leaving but I know that the new artist is so good. The team is in good hands!

I want to thank with all my heart everyone for the run; my friend Tarcísio, who taught me everything about Titans more than he can imagine, to Titans fans for your patience to me, etc...

I get to draw ACTION COMICS in January and I hope you will follow me there.

Thanks again!

Titans Together!


Titã said...

Thank you, Eddy, for EVERYTHING!

See you in Action Comics!

Pow Rodrix Penciller said...

Grande Eddy,
boa sorte em sua nova empreitada profissional, ACTION COMICS.

Sean McKeever said...

Thanks so much for all your wonderful work, Eddy. I'm so excited for you. Can't wait to see what you do with Rucka on Action!