Jun 16, 2008

Teen Titans #63 - Cover


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Unknown said...

Hey, Eddy!
My name is Steven J. Vasquez and I'm looking to get into the mainstream as a penciler after many years doing small press independent stuff. I'm currently in talks to have my work featured on another website and I'm tinkering with the ideas of putting up my own blog (with sample art), a myspace art gallery of my work, and a comicspace page. I'm hoping that you'd be interested in seeing my work and I wanted to let you know that I love the art and the blog you've got going here. I especially loved the examples of the evolution of that Teen Titans cover you did (#61, I believe). For a penciler, it's always good to see the evolution of the artistic process from someone who is where I want to be.
I'll keep you posted on where my work ends up first if you are interested in seeing any of it. Any and all tips you may have would be greatly appreciated.

Love your work, man!
You keep doin' 'em, I'll keep buyin' 'em!!!