Aug 25, 2011


Hey, everybody!
I'll be at New York Comic Con this year and decided to create a commission list!
I'm still not sure about table numbers and everything, but I'll update once I know for sure!
The prices are:

-Head Shot - US$100
-Torso - US$140
-Full Body Figure - US$180

Here's my e-mail for everyone interested to get in touch:
Thank you!

Eddy Barrows


Anonymous said...

Your art is amazing! As a Dick Grayson fan I'm elated to see that you are on this book. I mean it seems that you and Kyle Higgins are bringing you A game. Please keep it up man!

Anonymous said...

EDWARD MEESE does with EDWARD SHAND and they do and they do and they do?
MAINE to MASSACHUSETTS they got their rooms full of abuses and they do and they do and they do...." SS"...with CHILDREN?

Eddy Barrows said...

Thanks a lot Russel =D
Eddy Barrows

Calvin said...

Im an art student in Camarillo California, and I have a project that want me to interview people in a work field that I am interested in getting into. I notice that you have some connection to the comic buisness.

Would it be ok if I send you a few questions to you, if you have time to do it of course?

contact me at this emai